Morphy Richards Atomist Review

I was sent the brand new Morphy Richards Atomist Iron to test & review.


Looks wise its amazing! The fact that it uses vapour mist instead of steam is great so your clothes are not left feeling wet while your iron……

There is no limescale build-up either so it makes it so much easier to clean. The glass plate is great too, you can see the creases coming out as you iron!

There are 4 temperature settings which adjust quickly so your not left waiting around to use it, it just beeps when its ready to go. It uses 75% less energy, 80% less water and gives you up to 2 hours continuous ironing time.

If the iron has not been used for 10 minutes, the iron will automatically enter standby mode, both for safety and energy saving.

My only problem with it is that i found it quite heavy to use because the cord going from the tank to the iron is pretty thick, also i expected it to breeze through my creased clothes and i still seemed to have to go over the garment a few times till it came out……oter than that i loved it.

Fancy grabbing yourself 1 of these with a DISCOUNT? Just head to and at the checkout use the code ATO100 to grab yourself £100 off!!

Here are the video links


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