Lottoland Review

I was asked to do a review on a new way to play the Lottery

It is very easy to use and set up a new account……you also DON’T have to input your personal card details until you decide to make a deposit (always an off putter for me, the minute is says i have to input card details to actually open an account, i click off it)

So once all signed up i headed straight for the ‘More Jackpots’ tab, this will then bring up a HUGE list of lotteries from all around the world that you can take part in from as little as £2 (watch out for any writing in red when you go to your basket to check out because this is normally an offer off BOGOF) another little added bonus :o)


I decided to play the Cash daily, Irish Lotto and a few more (still waiting to see if i have won on 1 of them) fingers crossed lol

Next i decided to head to the ‘Games’ tab and had a little go of Black Widow, no wins for me there but still enjoyed playing the game.

Next stop was the ‘Scratchcards’ tab where i played the 777 game, won a couple of times, only smalls amounts but a wins a win right?

Would i recommend this site? Absolutely……. sat at home and at your finger tips you have access to the lotteries all over the world that are MASSIVE jackpots…… i will keep trying my luck thats for sure.


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