Vidal Sassoon Salonist

I was sent these new home hair dye’s to review. Aimed at women 45+ for 100% grey coverage.



My first thought was ‘wow finally a home hair dye kit that actually includes a mixing bowl and brush to apply’ i was sick of putting the gloves on & using my hands.

The smell whilst applying was lovely, rather than that overpowering smell that made you feel dizzy :o)

The instructions are super easy to follow meaning that even if this was your 1st time using a home hair dye kit there was no way you could go wrong!

I used kit number 4, dark neutral brown on my friend. She has extremely thick hair which worried me that there wouldnt be enough to cover all her head…but it did! Also she had LOTS of grey….


Now she only EVER gets her hair done by a professional in a salon so i was surprised she asked me to do her hair for her (shes very picky)

This is the result after application…

FullSizeRender (5)

My friend said never again will she go to her hairdresser…..she said her ends (that previously felt brittle, dry and unhealthy) now felt very healthy and soft, she loved the result. Well done Vidal Sassoon… cracked it.


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