Delight Touch Range

Lets face it, we all hear about skin care range’s that claim to be the best and make your skin beautiful & silky soft etc……and we go and try them only to be a tad disappointed by the results and the price we have paid…. WELL NO MORE!!!

I was sent a few products from Delight Touch (link to social media below) to try and review for them. Now having such sensitive skin i know what works and what doesnt & its not often i find a product i can swear by! But this is it…… 

This is the Delight Touch Organic Cucumber Cleaner


DO NOT think ‘I dont like the smell of cucumber’ because it really doesnt!! I smell the sweet orange and a little zing i cant quite put my finger on. It smells delicious! Comes out creamy and as soon as you apply it to your skin it feels so refreshing! Once rinsed off my skin felt so amazingly clean! And i loved the fact that the scent lasted!


This is Delight Touch Organic Sea Kelp Night Cream


I will be honest…I have never heard of Sea Kelp before so was very curious! Again smelt amazing!!!

I only used a tiny bit (to cover my middle finger) and that was enough to do my whole face!

It went on smoothly and sank in quickly without leaving that sticky feeling. I fell asleep smelling & feeling gorgeous!

When I woke up the next day i could still smell it!! i didnt want to wash my face because i didnt want to lose the scent ha! In the morning my skin felt as silky smooth as a babies bottom! It even looked more radiant in the mirror!

I cant recommend this company highly enough!! The staff and pleasant & friendly and are always there to answer and questions you might have. I normally talk to Lou who is more than happy to help!

Here are their Twitter links

They also do other ranges including beauty products which looks so gorgeous!!! I just want every single thing they produce! (me being greedy and falling in love with a company’s products) :o)


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