Reflections Of Me Review

So I was kindly sent some hair & beauty products to review by the lovely people at

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Lottoland Review

I was asked to do a review on a new way to play the Lottery

It is very easy to use and set up a new account……you also DON’T have to input your personal card details until you decide to make a deposit (always an off putter for me, the minute is says i have to input card details to actually open an account, i click off it)

So once all signed up i headed straight for the ‘More Jackpots’ tab, this will then bring up a HUGE list of lotteries from Continue reading

Prize not arrived?

Back in December i won 1 hair product from twitter. When in January i still hadn’t received it i chased it up, i spent weeks messaging back & forth because i was really looking forward to trying the product as i have terrible thin hair :o(

Finally about a week ago i got a message saying my prize was on it’s way…excited much!!! :o) Then this arrived!!!!! Continue reading